1. To begin, select a table from the left:
  - Select Applications to get a list of filings based upon application number, sponsor, date originally filed, or summary.
  - Select Submissions to get a list of individual submissions of an application based upon application number, submission number, sponsor, date submitted, summary, review due date, financial staff assigned, or engineering staff assigned.
  - Select Findings to get a list of findings for each submission of an application based upon application number, submission number, PSC division issuing the finding, or the text of the finding.
  - Select Funding Source to get a list of funding sources for each submission of an application based upon application number, submission number, source of the funding, dollar amount of the funding, or sponsor.
2. To perform a search, on the search screen:
  - Set the criteria for your search by going to the appropriate line, selecting the appropriate option from the drop down box, and typing what you are looking for in the box to the right. Only entries meeting all of the criteria you set will be displayed. Any line without something in the box to the right will be ignored.
  - Select the Report Type: list displays a list of the selected entries with links to more detailed information; and the various reports display a preformated report that can be printed by right clicking with the mouse in the text of the report and selecting the print option.
  - Select the Sort By order for the result list from the Sort By drop down list. This determines how your results will be organized. This option is not available if you selected a preformated report.
  - Click on the Display button or hit the enter key to perform the search and display your list or report.
3. Once you have a result list:
  - Click on the application number to see all of the basic information on a filing or submission.
  - If there are options to the right of a line (Submissions, Findings, Funding, Add'l Info), clicking on the link will display additional information associated with the filing. You can return to the result list from any of these screens by selecting the Back to List link.
  - Click on the Back to Search link or select a new search from the right panel to throw out your results and begin a new search.
4. Do not use the Back or Forward arrows on the tool bar to move in and out of the search or result screens as this may result in incorrect results for your next search.
5. If your search results seem incomplete, return to the search criteria screen by clicking on the Back to Search link, press the Refresh button on the tool bar, and reenter your search criteria.
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