Hearing Search

NOTICE: This information is being offered as a convenience. This site does not function as a formal publication of PSC hearings. The information on this site is updated on a continuing basis as hearing dates change.

This interface allows you to search all PSC meetings scheduled through the Executive Secretary's Office. Meetings that have been scheduled directly with a PSC employee may not be included. Meetings that have been cancelled or are tentative will not be included.

You may print any result list or report by right clicking on the displayed list or report and selecting print.

To view a printable calendar of scheduled meetings, click on the Monthly Calendars link at the left and enter the month and year for the calendar.

To search for meetings by type, ALJ, Attorney, Location, Date, or person scheduled by, click on the All Meetings link at the left.

To search for meetings associated with a specific case, click on the Hearings by Case link at the left.

To search for locations in a specific area or to view details on a location, click on the Location Information link at the left.

Enter your search criteria and click on the submit button to get a list of all meetings meeting all of the criteria entered. You may enter criteria in one or more of the available search fields. Any field for which you do not enter criteria will be ignored. The resulting list provides links to additional information regarding the specific meetings selected. To get the result list formated for printing you may select a report at the bottom of the screen and use the Get Report button instead of the search button.

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If results appear inconsistent, click the appropriate link in the left panel, click your browser's refresh button, and re-enter the criteria.