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    Glen Rogers Public Service District  / DBA:
    Opened:   11/21/1967 Closed:  
    Certificate No:   Utility Type: PWD
TARIFF - Version No:  14   Division:   ALL
    Description:   SUPPLEMENT 1 - STEP 1 RATES, effective for 24 months from start of approved Step 1 rates, provided the RMS PSD project approved in Case No. 17-1422-PWD-CN has not been substanitally completed.

Supplement No. 1 attached containing rates and charges to become effective after a period of time has passed, and/or various conditions, described herein, are met

      Case No:   18-0909-PSWD-19A  
      Final Order:   02/17/2019  
      Effective:   08/09/2019   
  County Details
WATER RATES - - Residential
  Billing Frequency   Monthly    Measured In   Gallons   
  Flat Rate   $0.00   Unmetered Residential   $0.00   
  Minimum Bill   $38.70   3400 Gallons   $42.36   
  Customer Charge   $0.00   4000 Gallons   $47.86   
        4500 Gallons   $52.44   

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