Gas Pipeline Safety Division

The GPS Division is responsible for the application, oversight and enforcement of pipeline safety regulations under W.Va. Code §24B and is certified annually under 49 USC §60105 by the USDOT, PHMSA, OPS. The GPS Division oversees safety compliance with 49 CFR 191, 192, 195 and 199 for 97 regulated pipeline operators who operate approximately 14,000 miles of intrastate natural gas and hazardous liquid transmission and regulated gathering pipelines and natural gas distribution pipelines. The GPS Division is certified to inspect interstate transmission pipelines as an agent for and at the request of PHMSA.

GPS inspectors perform regularly scheduled (approximately every 18-24 months) inspections of all operators of intrastate natural gas and hazardous liquid transmission and regulated gathering pipelines, natural gas distribution pipelines and master meter systems to determine compliance with Federal and State regulations. The GPS Division has developed a multiyear master plan for the scheduling of routine inspections.

The GPS Division may conduct additional inspections based on complaints from the public, reports from other State agencies or as a follow up to previous inspections. Inspectors may lead or assist with accident investigations to determine the cause of the accident and to evaluate adherence to the required regulations. Unsatisfactory inspections may result in a variety of enforcement actions that are available to ensure compliance with pipeline safety regulations.

Pipeline operators are required to meet specific reporting requirements for certain events that occur on their pipeline facilities. The GPS Division has a 24-hour emergency phone number to facilitate operators' notification of these events.

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Telephone Directory
Name Title Number
Gas Pipeline Safety
24 Hour Emergency Reporting (Operators Only)   (304) 340-0486
Fax   (304) 340-0452
Director (304) 340-0770
Manager (304) 340-0813
Secretary (304) 340-0810
Gas Pipeline Safety Inspectors
Inspector (304) 340-0813
Inspector (304) 340-0878
Inspector (304) 340-0417
Inspector (304) 340-0814
Inspector (304) 340-0335