Engineering Division

The Engineering Division provides technical recommendations in cases before the Commission relating to rate requests, quality of service or billing disputes, engineering agreements, alternate main line extensions, certificates of convenience and necessity, mergers and acquisitions of utilities, service territory disputes, general investigations of utility operations and other cases requiring engineering expertise.

Engineering Staff members provide technical assistance to customers and utility companies, supervise and certify utility meter tests, conduct water pressure tests, investigate voltage levels and other electrical complaints, investigate water taste and odor problems, investigate odor and other problems for sewer utilities, provide leak detection services and review utility construction estimates and undertake other technical tasks and studies as ordered by the Commission.

The Engineering Division provides recommendations to the Commission and to the West Virginia Infrastructure & Jobs Development Council (WVIJDC) on the merits of proposed water and sewer projects, technical comments and assistance on proposed rules and regulations, information and assistance to governmental entities around the State and technical training for public service district board members and Staff. The Engineering Division also assists in the preparation of the annual Gas and Electric Supply-Demand Forecast Reports for the West Virginia Legislature.

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Telephone Directory
Name Title Number
Director (304) 340-0392
Secretary (304) 340-0370
Utility Regulation Section
Manager (304) 340-0436
  (304) 340-0455
  (304) 340-0434
  (304) 340-0465
  (304) 340-0331
  (304) 340-0353
  (304) 340-0399
  (304) 340-0499
  (304) 340-0491
  (304) 340-0328
  (304) 340-0443
  (304) 340-0428
  (304) 340-0357
  (304) 340-0466
  (304) 340-0476