Administrative Law Judges Division

The Administrative Law Judges (ALJ) Division consists primarily of attorneys and support staff who act in an adjudicatory role under the auspices of the Commission. The ALJs issue Recommended Decisions within time periods prescribed by the Commission or set by statute in cases referred to the ALJ Division by the Commission. A Recommended Decision becomes the Commission's Final Order in a case unless modified by the Commission, based on exceptions filed by one of the parties or Staff of the Commission, or suspended on the Commission's statutory authority.

The ALJ Division works on a variety of cases involving public utilities, motor carriers, cable television and coal hauling on the Coal Resource Transportation System (CRTS). The ALJs hold hearings and provide Recommended Decisions in cases involving service or other complaints from consumers about utilities or motor carriers, rate change requests, applications for certificates of convenience and necessity to construct new or expand existing utility plants and petitions for prior consent and approval for numerous utility transactions regulated by the Commission. The ALJ Division also administers the Commission's Billing Dispute mediation program.

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Telephone Directory
Name Title Number
ALJ Division
Keith George Chief ALJ (304) 340-0429
Matthew Minney Deputy Chief Administrative Law Judge (304) 340-0337
Bridget Davis Hearing Examiner (304) 340-3740
Cecelia Jarrell ALJ (304) 340-0407
Emily Miller ALJ (304) 340-0431
Pancho Morris ALJ (304) 340-0414
Darren Olofson ALJ (304) 340-0380
Deborah Vandervort ALJ (304) 340-3745
Keith Walker ALJ (304) 340-0406
Lisa Cox Admin. Secretary (304) 340-0412
Karen Fisher Secretary (304) 340-0405
Wendy Looney Secretary (304) 340-0212