Cable Television form 7

The West Virginia Cable Television Systems Act , West Virginia Code 24D-1-1 et seq., requires that cable system operators file certain documents and fees with the Public Service Commission on an annual basis. The following fees and documents must be provided by September 1, 2021:

      1)    a schedule of the cable operator's rates, including all terms and conditions of service
     and channel lineups;

     2)    in years in which the filing of initial, renewal or transfer franchise documents and
     associated fees are not required, the cable operator shall pay a twenty-five dollar ($25.00)
     document fee for each franchise it holds;

     3)    a copy of the cable operator's annual report, (click on link to fill out the form)
    Cable Television Annual Report Form No. 7 , and a letter requesting waiver of Schedule M
     if applicable;

    4) the annual subscriber fee in the amount of twelve cents ($0.12) per subscriber.

All of the aforementioned documents may be mailed together.
If you are a cable operator and have questions concerning any of these requirements, please contact:

Margie Robinson
Phone: 304-340-0771
Fax: 304-340-0326


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