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The on-line course (s) listed on this page are presented by the Public Service Commission of West Virginia (PSC) for the educational benefit of water and sewer utilities in West Virginia. The information provided will assist utility personnel, board members, council members, mayors, and other interested parties in having a better understanding of the PSC Rules. The course (s) have also been approved for Continuing Education Hours as noted below:

Water & Wastewater Calculations and Adjustments: 2 CEHs

Please follow the link below to the State of West Virginia Public Learning Center (WVPLC) to select and register for a course:


After you go to the WVPLC site:

  1. If this is your first time at the site, you must build a profile. Click on the “Create New User” button.
  2. From the next dialog box, open the drop down list arrow and choose your organization (Public Service Commission). Click Continue.
  3. Fill out the profile. You will create your own UserID and password. Make sure to note the ID and password where you can remember it. Click “Create New User” button at bottom of page.
  4. This will bring you to the course catalog. All offered courses are listed in the Course Catalog. To select your course click on the “Enroll” (white box with green plus sign) button. Say “yes” to the responding dialog box that you want to enroll. This will move your class to the “My Courses” tab.
  5. The course currently available is Water and Wastewater Calculations and Adjustments.
  6. You will know you are enrolled in Session when it shows on your “My Courses” tab. Review “Legend” options at bottom of page to begin the course.
  7. You may return to the Course Catalog to enroll in additional sessions at any time.

Should you have questions regarding the on-line course please contact:

Dave Acord, Director
Water & Wastewater Division
(304) 340-0366


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