Municipal Rate Changes

By GO 183.09, issued January 9, 2019, the Commission issued final Rules for the Construction and Filing of Tariffs, 150 CSR 2, and the forms attached thereto (Tariff Rules). Specifically, Tariff Rule 23.7 provides:

Commission Staff has developed time guidelines to assist municipally operated water or sewer utilities in adopting rate changes in compliance with the West Virginia Code. These guidelines may be obtained by calling the Commission at 1-800-344-5113 or by accessing the Commission’s website at

The Commission Staff time guidelines referenced in the above Tariff Rule are found at the links below. Please note that the process for Water Utilities is different from the process for Sewer Utilities and Combined Water and Sewer Utilities. The information has been updated pursuant to Senate Bill 739 (2020).

(1) IMPORTANT Memo Explaining Revisions to Checklists

(2)  REVISED Check List for Non-Locally Rate Regulated Water Utilities

(3)  REVISED Check List for Non-Locally Rate Regulated Sewer Utilities (Including Combined Systems)

The documents have multiple parts. First is a cover sheet that contains a flow chart stating each necessary step. Second is a more detailed document that discusses the procedures. Third are sample forms.


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