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During the 2003 Legislative session, Senate Bill 583 was passed and signed into law by Governor Wise. This bill provides for extensive changes in the transportation of coal by truck on the public highways of WV.

As of Tuesday, July 1 2003, the Public Service Commission of West Virginia (PSC) began enforcing speeding laws for coal trucks and all commercial motor vehicles traveling on WV highways, as set forth in Senate Bill 583. A toll free public complaint hot line, (1-866-SEE-TRUX or 1-866-733-8789), is in operation, and will take calls Monday thru Friday, from 8:00 AM to 400 PM. After hours and weekends, you may leave a message.

Beginning October 1, 2003, all shippers and receivers of coal transported by truck over any coal resource transportation system road are required to report truck weights electronically to the PSC. It will be the responsibility of the shippers and receivers to provide the requested information to the PSC’s Reporting Section. The Reporting Section will provide the needed information and specifications for reporting requirements. You may contact our Reporting Section at (304) 340-0846 for additional information.

For additional information about Senate Bill 583,  refer to the links below.

Final Rules - July 7, 2004

            The following coal truck rules are being offered for your convenience.

            Copies or printed versions of the coal truck rules available at this site are
            not, and should not be, represented to be official PSC documents.

            FINAL RULES - MC G.O. 72. May 7, 2004, Commission Order adopting final
            rules, to be effective July 7, 2004.

            Form 1 - CRTS Permit Application

            Form 2 - Shipper / Receiver Registration

            Waiver Request - Fillable Form with Instructions

            Monthly Tonnage Remittance Form - Fillable Form with Instructions

Coal Transportation Frequently Asked Questions

Coal Resource Transportation System Roads (CRTS)

Coal Permit Fees Calculator

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